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Best In Water Damage

“24/7 is the absolute best in water damage! They are very professional, reliable, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them!”

Melanie J.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Made All The Difference

“24/7 Restoration are heroes! I called them when an upstairs water leak filled my kitchen ceiling but 2 plumbers couldn’t find the source of the leak. Arriving within the hour the 24/7 Restoration guys located the leak right away and within an hour had landed on a plan to contain and dry it out. I have two small boys with food restrictions and mainly work from home it was impossible for me to leave the house for the dry-out period so 24/7 worked with me to create as little disruption as possible making enclosures with zippers and even though my kitchen was the worst affected, they ensured I had access to nearly all my kitchen appliances. Their willingness to think outside the box and incorporate the needs of the family they were working with made all the difference. I would highly recommend 24/7 Restoration to make a tough situation a little less painful.”

Emma C.
Irvine, CA

Appreciated Your Flexibility

“I am exceptionally pleased with every aspect of your service, from your immediate response to my initial phone call to the final phase of restoration. I have never dealt with a company that was so customer friendly. You always answered my phone calls- the few times I had to leave a voice mail, you replied within an hour. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how consistently courteous and pleasant you were to work with throughout the process. I greatly appreciated your flexibility in working around the arrival and departure of guests. The fact that the condo was very livable during the restoration is a credit to your professionalism. The workmanship and efficiency of your employees is commendable. My friends and family who were able to observe the progress of the restoration were very favorably impressed. In your dealings with my insurance agent, your professionalism was again evident. He was satisfied that his company was getting excellent work for a good price. Your motto should be ” satisfaction guaranteed” and I will not hesitate in recommending your company to family and friends. Thank you so much for not only making my water damaged condo beautiful again but for making the restoration process as easy as possible.”

Mary K.
Dana Point, CA

Very Pleased With The Results

“24/7 Restoration really came through for us, we had major water damage occur late on a Sunday night and there was no hesitation to provide us with last minute support. They clearly went out of their way on numerous occasions to do the right thing for our repair and we are very pleased with the results.”

Brad F.
Newport Beach, CA

Nothing Less Than EXCEPTIONAL

“Nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL service was provided by everyone involved with this remodeling. We selected this company based on a referral and we are glad to have made the right choice. Our family needed assistance after a flood had occurred in our kitchen. There was a language barrier that limited communication which could have easily caused addition issues. The employees at 24/7 had such PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING of what our concerns were that the language barrier became a non-issue. Our remodel was completed within the time frame promised. The professionalism each employee carries within themselves at 24/7 is unmatchable. We initially had no idea what to do but now that it’s all over, we couldn’t have made a better choice. I would definitely recommend them to any of my family or friends in the future.”

N. Ehklas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Costs Were Appropriate And Reasonable

“24/7 did two jobs for us. A dishwasher hose burst and flooded our kitchen. The damage was extensive. The kitchen had to be dried, the box under the sink rebuilt, the granite that broke when the cabinet collapsed had to be replaced..and that’s just part of it.
The second job was smaller but important. Water leaked from an outside balcony into one wall of the living room. The water had to be drained, the area dried, and repairs made. The costs were appropriate and reasonable. Kelly and Russ are two of the finest professionals we’ve ever had do work for us. I’d use them anytime we needed restoration work and can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Ann F.
Irvine, CA

Prompt And Professional

“I first called 24/7 due to my unexpected slab leak. Kelly was at my home with in the hour to help solve the issues associated with water damage. Kelly & Russ immediately cut away all damaged cabinets, drywall & stucco due to slab leak in my kitchen. Then they very professionally installed moisture drying equipment that remained for 4 days to dry out damaged area.
They also sprayed to prevent mold issues due to water damage. They came by daily to check my home to see if the levels of moisture damage was decreasing to normal level. ****Very important to me**** every day for 4 days Kelly or Russ came at our arranged time each day. I loved how prompt and professional these guys were each and every day during a difficult time!”

Carrie H.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

Handled The Claim With The Insurance

“The project went extremely well. The Project Manager, Kelly, is a true professional and handled the restoration project from beginning to end. Very timely response to initial call. Upon arrival, he verified the company’s credentials and explained the drying out/insurance process while Russ evaluated the laundry room and adjacent rooms for damage. Luckily, the damage was only in the laundry room. They immediately began removing the floor and baseboards to prevent secondary damage. Kelly handled the claim with the insurance adjusters which was very much appreciated since we have very limited knowledge of the process. One huge advantage of using 24/7 Restoration is that the owner also owns Epic interiors and Construction which expedited the time frame to restore the laundry room to its pre-existing condition. We were so pleased with the work performed, we have contracted with Epic Interiors and Construction to paint our house and perform major repair work in our kitchen and other living areas.”

Ken I.
Yorba Linda, CA

They’ll Be The First One We Call

“We had to dry out water damage due to a pipe burst in the wall of our home.
24/7 gave us the most confidence in their capabilities of performing water damage mitigation, which is why we chose them. What was important to us was that any company performing this work knows what they are doing and can get the job done not just correctly, but also efficiently. 24/7 initially demonstrated they could definitely do that.
They expressed confidence that they could do the job while minimizing cutout / collateral damage, and they promptly answered or returned our multiple phone calls with many questions prior to our decision to hire them. This factored in our decision to use them, even though they weren’t the least expensive bid.
We were very happy with their promptness, thoroughness, cleanliness, and professionalism. Hopefully we will never need their services again, but if we do, they’ll be the first one we call.”

Michael P.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Would Use This Company Again

“We had been smelling a musty smell in our upstairs bathroom, which I was trying to trace. One day water began pouring down from the ceiling of our downstairs bathroom. We called a plumber, who fixed the leak, and he recommended 24/7 as a company to restore the damage to the walls. The company came and installed large dehumidifiers in both bathrooms, and we needed to leave the house for several days and board our cats, as the bathrooms weren’t accessible and the machines caused the house to heat up. I really resisted doing this, but Kelly was very good at giving reasonable explanations for the process. They also ordered a post-test to make sure the bacteria was completely gone. They finished in as timely a manner as the process would allow. I was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of both men involved and would use this company again.”

D. Sagen
Irvine, CA

Offer A Complete Solution

“We had a leak behind our fridge that caused significant water damage to the floor, wall and cabinetry. 24/7 came to diagnose the problem, and dry and clean up the mess. They did a great job, and were right there to help us with the insurance as well. They later became our contractor to repair the kitchen completely including new floors and counter tops. but I wanted to separately call out their excellent work in handling the water damage as that was a separate job. I highly recommend 24/7 for your water damage needs as they really offer a complete solution, from short term clean up to long term restoration. Great team!”

Celia R.
Tustin, CA

24/7 Did An Excellent Job

“This was for a slab leak in the master bath, and included drying out carpets and walls. It also included re-piping the cold water in the bath, re-plastering and repainting. 24/7 Restoration did an excellent job. They worked closely with my insurance company, and everything was covered by insurance except for the deductible.”

Thomas J.
Laguna Beach, CA

Got Me Through This Nightmare

“I noticed water mysteriously finding its way into one of the bedrooms and all over the tile floor and walls. I thought it was due to a drain backed up which I had been having problems with in the near bathroom. I was referred over to 24/7 Restoration from a friend who had been visiting for lunch. I was concerned because we had just had the plumbing fixed. I wasn’t sure whether I needed to call my insurance company first but she said to have 24/7 come do a free inspection first before talking to my insurance provider. They were very prompt after I gave them a call. The gentleman who had come out was very professional and nice. He explained in detail what he was going to do to help determine what was going on. After assessing the water was actually coming from underneath my tile flooring with his thermo meter thing, he showed me all the affected areas and explained it was more than likely a slab leak under the foundation and needed to be repaired. He took all sorts of readings and pictures to document it for our insurance company knowing they would give us a hard time about coverage. He even had a plumber come out to determine what exactly needed to be done for repairs and even arranged to meet with the adjuster to explain what I would have never been able to about the damage. It only took about three days with their equipment setup to dry my bathroom, hallway, and bedroom out.
Although I was very stressed out at the time because I had family flying out in a couple weeks, 24/7 somehow got me through this nightmare and not only repaired and cleaned up the water. I now realize why I am so happy and lucky to have had them out. I don’t think I would have had all that work done and covered with minimal out of pocket expense had I used the insurance preferred company. I would absolutely recommend 24/7 Restoration to help anyone with any type of flooding or repairs!”

M. Zenker
Lake Forest, CA

Customer Service

“The restoration project went quite well. Kelly Rogers from 24/7 managed the job. Upon contacting him, he clearly and concisely explained the steps in the process and what the job would entail. He is accessible and returns calls and reply’s to email promptly. All commitments were met on a timely basis. The members of his team who performed the work were very friendly, professional and did their parts of the job quite well. We are very happy with the quality of their work. Based on our experience, 24/7 Restoration is a company that’s very dependable, trustworthy and takes pride in going good work while also providing a very strong level of customer service. I would not hesitate using them again if the need arises. Additionally, I would not hesitate recommending them to friends or family.”

C. Gruden
Mission Viejo, CA

These Guys Really Stand Out

“AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Customer Service. I had a leak in my kitchen ceiling and after my plumber repaired the leak I was left with water damage in my kitchen cabinets. I google searched “best restoration company in Orange County” and 24/7 Restoration’s name came up. After reading reviews I called & within 1 hour Russ came out & did a These Guys Really Stand Outcomplete evaluation & very reasonable quote. The setup was done to start the dryout process. Two days later Russ came back with Kelly re-eval repair and again right on time & super fair price for repair. It is so refreshing to deal with such professional & knowledgeable people. It could go on but just let me add I moved in to this house in November and have had so many repair people come for projects but these guys really stand out 5 stars out of 5 stars.”

P. Jungwirth
Laguna Niguel, CA

Helped My Wife And I Recover

“These guys did a great job when I had a water supply line break under my kitchen sink. They are very knowledgeable and helped my wife and I recover from our hardwood flooring that had gotten wet. I would highly recommend them and they are very fair when it comes to paying out of pocket!”

Kyle S.
Laguna Hills, CA

Still Able To Use Our Kitchen

“Had a copper pipe leak above our kitchen and had family over for memorial day. Not only did they come out for a free inspection but they also were the ones to locate the leak. To convenience our family they were very good at making sure we would still be able to use our kitchen during the restoration process. Thank you so much guys!”

Kaleb B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Very Pleased With Their Service

“We have been very pleased with their service. They came to our house the following day that we called and took care of everything, including with dealing with the insurance when needed. They also come out daily to check on the process.”

Ingrid B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Worked Directly With My Insurance

“I can’t say enough good things about 24/7 Restoration. I had a leak in the bathroom that compromised my wood floors and drywall. 24/7 responded immediately, clearly laid out a course of action, and executed the restoration plan flawlessly. Kelly (the project manager) and his team were attentive (checking the dry out daily), professional, on-time, and true to their word. They worked directly with my insurance company, which was a huge benefit, making this a seamless process from initial response, to demolition, to the insurance claim, and ultimately to reconstruction. If you have water damage, this is the company you want to call!”

Michael K.
Huntington Beach, CA

2nd Time I Have Used 24-7

“This is the 2nd time I have used 24-7 Restoration after having a pipe leak in my garage. On both occasions, Kelly, Russell and Mike were very responsive, on-time, courteous and professional. They are efficient, knowledgeable and have set themselves apart from other vendors. Each of them were able to answer my questions and explained the process to me along the way. They are careful in their set up and take down and respect the homeowners property at all times. They monitor the job daily to ensure the drying process is going in the right direction and give you updates each day. On the day the insurance adjuster came out to inspect the damage, 24-7 Restoration made sure to be here at that time to answer any questions the adjuster may have had. Anyone who has had water damage can relate that it can be a stressful situation, an unforeseen expense and/or an inconvenience to say the least. The upside for me was feeling secure in my choice to hire 24-7 Restoration for the job (both times). If you are in need of a reputable water damage restoration company, look no further. Call 24-7 Restoration!”

Olivia B.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Skilled And Friendly

“Everyone from 24/7 Restoration was professional, skilled and friendly. It’s disconcerting when your walls are torn up because a pipe has sprung a leak, but these gentlemen sealed the drywall off, dried it out, and then fixed it with no evidence it had ever been disturbed. I would call them anytime I have a problem in the future, and I recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Great job! Thanks!”

Sandra M.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Have Yet To Disappoint

“I am a plumbing contractor and have had the opportunity to refer plenty of restoration companies over the years. In an ever changing industry it can be challenging to find technicians, in any trade, that are up to speed with current techniques and standards. And let’s face it if you are inviting someone into your home for remediation you really want to be confident they know what they are doing. The guys at 24/7, specifically, Kelly and Russ have yet to disappoint! I have entrusted them with dozens of my customers, (who I still have ?? ) and have yet to hear a complaint. I have been back into homes that they have restored and the guys at Epic have done an amazing job! You would never be able to tell that they have been there. So if you are looking for honesty, from a company that shines in the “details” give 24/7 Restoration a shot. you won’t be disappointed!”

Zach G.
Dana Point, CA

Cannot Say Enough Great Things

“I cannot say enough great things about this company. We had a fridge leak and knew we had some water damage. They called back quickly and came to assess the damage. After deciding to go with them on a Saturday, they came out on Sunday to start drying the place out. Russ set everything up and came out the next day to check on the moisture levels. He was great. Professional and friendly. He made a stressful event easier to handle. Another guy, Mike, came out the next day. He was great as well. They also are contractors so they know how to put everything back together, which helps them when they’re tearing it apart. They’re experienced with dealing with the insurance part of it all too.

Professional, punctual, friendly, helpful. Great.”

Jennifer G.
Lake Forest, CA

Did An Amazing Job

“Came to my house and did an amazing job! Really appreciate Mike, Kelly and Russ taking such great care of us!”

Frankie P.
Huntington Beach, CA

Integrity Was Very Well Appreciated

“Kelly came out to our home to assess our restoration problem from a leaking roof drain. We had already had a mold assessment done to determine the extent of the problem in the ceiling. So, prior to him coming out, since I am a do it yourselfer, I had already taken down most of the drywall and insulation so I had the area exposed for him to make his assessment. After spending considerable time looking at the area and testing the beams with a water content monitor, and educating me on the restoration process, he let me know the range of cost that it would be for him to do a proper restoration. He also let me know that what I had already done was to take out all visible mold and instructed me on what I could do if I wanted to continue to do the job as a do it yourself homeowner. He left the decision to me. His frankness and integrity was very well appreciated. He obviously does not want to loose business, however, he gave me his honest opinion about what it would take to restore my situation most economically.

If you are looking for someone to give you an honest opinion and bid on your restoration project, than I highly recommend Kelly and 24/7 restoration.”

Arthur A.
Laguna Hills, CA

My Go To Expert

“Being in real estate, we run in to so many issues and questions about mold and water issues all the time.
I am so happy to have Kelly Rogers as my go to expert in this field.

Kelly we appreciate, you and your team and all the effort in curing the condo in Irvine.

Thank you for educating our team and buyers to properly handle any issues and concerns.”

Alice S.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Truly Cared About Helping My Family

“There is never a good time to have a slab leak, but if it does happen to you the BEST and ONLY company you should call is 24/7!! They had an amazing response time after placing the phone call for help – so fast. They arrived at the home and started right away to work on finding the leak and saving my property from any further damage. Their van was full of all the equipment needed to start the drying out process right away. They have such a great team of guys who truly cared about helping my family move through the situation as easily as possible. Thank you Kelly, Russ & Mike. Kelly is amazing and very helpful in educating me on what to expect the process was going be like in a restoration situation. He was also so helpful with all his knowledge of insurance companies. And reassured me he would help in any way he could to help my claim go as smoothly as possible. And that exactly what he did! So of course I then hired Kelly and the team to fix the home also through Epic Interiors – and that was also a smooth experience. Do yourself a favor and call 24/7 – I guarantee they will take GREAT care of you too!!”

Aidan H.
Mission Viejo, CA

Peace Of Mind

“I am so happy I called 24/7 Restoration. I use Yelp often to determine good companies to call when I need assistance – I placed the call due to their 5 star ratings and let me say Yelp has this company rated RIGHT!! Kelly & Russ came out almost immediately and got right to work in helping with my leak. They were so professional and very informative on the whole process and what to expect, not only their clean up process, but with their amazing knowledge of insurance company policies and procedures. I went into this leak with so little knowledge of what to do, but since I hired 24/7 Restoration I was given such peace of mind during such a stressful time. Thank you Kelly, Russ & Mike – you all made such a difference in so many ways! Call now – you wont regret hiring this professional and conscientious company for all you restoration needs.”

Aubrie N.
Lake Forest, CA

Very Informative

“Russ was very nice and very thorough. We were very relieved to find out we had no mold or water leaks. He used professional equipment to search the areas. His inspection was free of charge and he respectfully declined my tip! He was also very informative on how to get started on our kitchen remodel, which they do as well, as a general contractor.”

Juile D.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

Communicate Often

“I found 24/7 Restoration to be very efficient and thorough. They have excellent customer service and communicate often with the client (me).”

Donna W.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Repaired And Restored

“Responsive, professional, personable, calm and empathetic, organized, knowledgeable, fast, clean, helpful. These guys were great from beginning to end. Russ walked us through the process and turned a bad experience (the leak) into a good experience of feeling repaired and restored. I recommend them highly!”

Dawn H.
Irvine, CA

Helped Us Through This Stressful Situation

“Terrific crew! I had water damage in several rooms upstairs and the downstairs ceiling. The team at 24/7 was able to come out first thing in the morning, provided me with an assessment of what needed to be done, documented everything for my insurance and immediately begun the drying process. They also provided the name of an excellent plumber, checked in daily, met with the insurance claims adjuster and handled repairing all the damaged areas while minimizing the impact to our day-to-day lives.They really helped through this stressful situation with their professionalism and expertise. Highly recommended!”

Willie F.
Irvine, CA

These Guys Are Real Pros

“I absolutely recommend this company! I had black mold problem and these guys did not cut any corners to address the problem. They always showed up on time, never canceled any appointment, even when they were in midst of a huge job somewhere else, and they explained in detail what they were going to do next. These guys are real pros with top of the line equipment and knowledge!”

Paris K.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Good As It Gets

“I can’t say enough or give a more positive review! A water leak or damage is so stressful to a family and its household, panic sets in! 24//7 Restoration is as good as it gets! They were professional, kind, friendly, and experts in their field. They responded so quickly! They were calm and collected! Russ and Kelly are AMAZING! I would refer and highly recommended them to anyone. Thank you again!”

Adele M.
Newport Beach, CA

Great Service

“I called 24/7 Restoration when my home got water damage from our tenants. Waiting to hear back from my insurance company, I decided to proceed with mold inspectors. Russel came over and evaluated the bathroom. He was beyond helpful! I had another company come over moments earlier; however, they were not as thorough, honest and helpful as 24/7 Restoration. Russel made sure to go beyond inspecting the surface. He explained everything step-by-step; in addition, made sure I understood how to clean the mold issue in the bathroom. I am appreciative of the service I received and would recommend 24/7 Restoration. One added bonus, he was on time! The other company was 30 minutes late and stayed for 2 minutes. While Russel was on time and stayed longer to explain. Great service.”

D. R.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Above And Beyond

“I never write reviews for companies or products but feel compelled to do so now because 24/7 Restoration went far above and beyond my expectations. Russ came out to inspect our kitchen sink area which we suspected to have mold. He quickly confirmed that there was mold and he measured moisture around the area and discovered issues with the sewer pipes under the sink, where a bad smell was coming from. He provided a detailed 2 page report with pictures which we will address with our insurance company. He also provided a reasonable estimate to do the mold remediation and will provide contractors to re-build the kitchen countertop area. Russ was super nice, professional and helpful. 24/7 Restoration ROCKS! Thanks Russ & Kelly!!”

Rick M.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Showed Up On Time

“Kelly and Russ showed up on time and were really knowledgeable about water damage and mold. I highly recommend them!”

Megan F.
San Clemente, CA

This Team Is Outstanding

“We had a leak in our kitchen and after a few quotes we decided to go with 24/7. This team is outstanding. Super nice, super responsive, professional and do their best to remedy a situation without it being too big of an inconvenience. I highly recommend them.”

Christine M.
Aliso Viejo, CA

We Had A Great Experience

“We had a great experience using Kelly today. He was friendly, trustworthy, professional, and very helpful. He took time to educate us on our water damage. He noticed another issue we have with our garage door and told us how to inexpensively fix it ourselves. He discovered the source of our leak, and after getting plumbing repairs we will be using 24/7 Restoration for our water damage repairs. I highly recommend this business.”

Katie S.
Irvine, CA

Cost Effective Solutions

“I highly recommend this company. I brought them into my house with a leak and this company was very professional and honest. They told me the most cost effective solutions. I really appreciate the honesty of this company as many people are trying to exaggerate problems or create problems that do not exist.”

Erica P.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Highly Recommend!

“Kelly came out and checked the water damaged area in my garage. He gave me a really honest assessment of my options. So glad to have called someone who was not out to gouge me! Highly recommend!”

Melanie T.
Cypress, CA

Will Be Using From Now On

“Kelly inspected a house I’m selling when concerns arose regarding the question of mold in the shower. Kelly was punctual, professional, and spent a fair amount of time explaining the condition of the area, and why we didn’t have mold. He could have easily stated that we needed some form of treatment after the inspector called it into question, however his honesty and integrity prevented it. This is the company that our real estate team will be using from now on.”

Catrina C.
Capistrano Beach, CA

24/7 Is Top Notch

“Don’t call anyone else! Kelly and crew are the best. Personally and as a Realtor I have been through water damage restoration and 24/7 is top notch. They arrived within an hour of calling, set up blowers, dehumidifiers and taped off the damaged area. They came everyday for moisture readings and when they removed the equipment, they left the place as clean as they could. They also talked me through the damage and what work would need to be done. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Veronica P.
Mission Viejo, CA

Honest People

“They did a great job. Another restoration company wanted to rip out half my kitchen. 24/7 brought in a few fans and did a small baseboard repair job and we were all good. Honest people.”

Brad F.
Huntington Beach, CA

Very Calming

“Russ was knowledgeable and explained the restoration process in a manner that was very calming. The dry out only took 2 days. He came with state of the art machines that were much quieter than others I have seen. I would definitely call Russ again to handle any future restoration issues I may have. Unfortunately, the design side of the business is so backed up with projects that I had to find another company to repair drywall and make all new custom wood cabinets for my kitchen. Thank you Russ for all your help and professionalism.”

Susan S.
Laguna Hills, CA

Friendly Demeanor

“All of the recent rain coupled with a leaky roof left us with some black spots around one of our windows. Having recently welcomed a new baby, the last thing we wanted to do was take a chance on having mold in the house. Russ was very responsive – returned my email and had us scheduled for the next day. He came out, took a look at it, and gave us some recommendations on how best to treat it. While it wasn’t anything serious we really appreciate how quick he responded, his knowledge/expertise and friendly demeanor. If we ever have an issue moving forward he’ll definitely be the person we’ll call! I highly recommend him!”

Lindsay D.
Laguna Beach, CA

Taken Care Of

“Our water heater leaked into the living room. 24/7 Restoration was recommended by the plumber.
It was a nightmare for me, but thankfully Russ assured me it could be taken care of. The entire process from drying the floor and walls to replacing flooring, painting, etc getting everything back to normal was very smooth. I also have to thank Epic Designs for taking care of the flooring and painting. I would definitely recommend them and use them again!!!”

Linda V.
Anaheim, CA

Gave Us An Honest Opinion

“We called 24/7 restoration to look into our bathroom water leak, Russell , our technician was very knowledgeable and gave us an honest opinion in regards to the fix. I highly recommend this company.”

Gagan S.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Great Job Prepping Our Areas

“After our second slab leak in six months 24/7 Restoration came over immediately to help clean and asses the damages. They did a great job prepping our areas that we were concerned about to ensure that nothing else in the house was damaged. They had great service and the reporting was very detailed which helped tremendously in dealing with our insurance claim.”

“Thanks again!”

Melissa P.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Diligent At Answering Any Questions

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know how appreciative, impressed and thankful I’ve been with the level and quality of customer service I’ve received from your team. From the moment I spoke with you late last Wed evening to today, when Russ was removing the drying equipment from my home, your team has carried themselves in the highest professional manner.
Russ, in particular, has been amazing. Not only did he come in and help dry out my home in an extremely effective and efficient manner, but he’s also been extremely diligent at answering any questions I’ve had throughout this process. The thoroughness in which he’s helped answer my questions has allowed me and my family to rest easy during a time where not having answers would only have created more anxiety.
I realize we’re only through phase one of the restoration, but if the rest of your team (reconstruction) carries themselves the same way Russ does, I’m confident that the end result will be outstanding.
The experience we’ve had thus far only validates in my own mind that we chose the best/right company for the job.
I look forward to referring 24/7 Restoration to any of my friends/family that find themselves in need of similar services.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding the beginning of phase 2.”


Ray G.
Aliso Viejo, CA

You Won’t Regret It!!

“If I could give these guys 10 stars I would! We are having some issues with mold on a neighbors property that was thought to be brought on by a faulty sprinkler on our property. Wanting an unbiased opinion I had the team come out to assess the situation and determine where the moisture was coming from. Kelly and Russel were amazing – reviewed all of the potential mitigating factors, pointed out a lot of things I wasn’t aware of – these guys are just awesome. I can’t recommend them enough – they clearly know their stuff and are all around just great people to work with. Call them today for mold or water damage issues – you won’t regret it!!”

Lindsay D.
Laguna Beach, CA

Dealing With Insurance Claims

“I worked with Kelly throughout this process and he was wonderful, always answering the phone when I called and getting back to me if I had questions. His experience in dealing with insurance claims makes him very familiar with what homeowners are entitled to and he will make recommendations to your benefit.”

Lisa C.
Foothill Ranch, CA

They Left The House Clean

“Russ is on time and he does his job with pride. I had an extensive mold growth in my bathroom. The whole cabinet was destroyed and the walls and sub-floor also had mold. Russ gave me the estimate and it turns out that he also did the remediation, thus he knows all my concerns. I have a friend who is sick because of mold in her apartment so my main concern is that the mold spores are not spread through the house. Russ and Bryce both followed the protocol. They set up the double containment with a HEPA filter air blower. They also were careful and never left the containment with their Tyvek suit on. This is another way to spread the mold spores which is on their clothes or the Tyvek. It does take at least 5 days to do the work because they have to wait for the studs and sub-floor to dry and then treat them and encapsulate so that there will be no mold. One little incident was my renter was not home to let Russ in and he left without calling me. I live nearby and could have gone over to open the door for him. After this incident, Russ was good at updating me his progress. I was impressed that they left the house clean. Even though they cost on the higher side, I definitely recommend them because they did a stellar job.”

Mrs. D
Irvine, CA

Put My Mind At Ease

“These guys were great! Called me back within 30 minutes of me leaving a message, got me an appt for early the next day (there was no emergency), showed up on time (and called first) and were in and out. Luckily we did not have a leak, but having them come check it out put my mind at ease and not charging me $150 to do it made me appreciate good business. I highly recommend, ten stars!”

Kelsea B.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Having Mold Removed Sucks

“Russ and the guys at 24/7 were great. Having mold removed sucks, and it’s not fun for anyone, but Russ was very thorough and explained  everything as we went. My house required some extra work and the project took longer than expected, but Russ and crew were professional throughout and came out on weekends and checked in with me frequently. We even had to retest the air quality in my house due to the tricky nature of it and some questionable results from the lab( a  different company than 24/7), but Russ and crew saw the job through and absorbed all the costs of retesting and any labor. Great guys! Hope I never have to use them again, but if I do I will call them.”

Khrystofer G.
Mission Viejo, CA

Answered All My Questions

“24/7 Restoration was absolutely the best!  Having a mold problem can be quite unsettling, but from beginning to end the professionals from 24/7 (Kelly, Russ and Josh) guided me through the whole process and kept me completely informed.  They answered all my questions and concerns.  They were on time, extremely neat and COMPLETELY thorough in every aspect of the job.  Kelly handled all of the insurance claims which was such an added bonus.  I highly recommend this company and know if you hire them you will be as satisfied as I was.”

Terri F.
Corona Del Mar, CA

Excellent Job At A Fair Price

“24/7 Restoration is great.  They completely restored all the damaged areas quickly and efficiently.  They are professional, honest,  and do an excellent job at a fair price.  I had another company give me an estimate and they added on many things that were not needed to complete the job.  Would recommend 100%.”

Carolina B.
Laguna Beach, CA

Was So Refreshing

“Kelly Rogers was professional, responsive, honest, and detail-oriented throughout the stressful process of repairing and renovating our rental home after two unexpected water leaks. He delivered as promised, which was so refreshing after a horrible experience we had with another construction/repair company.”

Nikki N.
Irvine, CA

Highest Recommendation

“These guys are the best.  What started as a leak repair and remediation turn into much needed remodel of half my house, including bathroom remodel, interior tile and carpet, exterior stucco and wood repair, window replacement and interior and exterior painting.  All the work was first rate and Kelly and team were easy to communicate with and work with. Kelly also referred me to an excellent plumber, electrician and roofer. Highest recommendation.”

Eric M.
Mission Viejo, CA

Helpful Advice

“Kelly came out today to check out an area of concern in our bathroom. He came over right away, was very knowledgeable, & offered some helpful advice. I’d definitely recommend 24/7 Restoration!”

Brooke M.
Lake Forest, CA

For Any Future Problems

“I just had a great experience with this company. I live at Villas Aliento and had a mold issue. It was fixed and had a free inspection done to double check the area. They were very knowledgeable and real experts on mold. I will use this company for any future problems.”

Jaime O.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Reliable and Efficient

“I would recommend 24-7 restoration!  I had a water leak from an upstairs shower that found its way down to the garage ceiling. I was concerned about the possible water damage and mold growth so I called 24-7 and talked to Kelly who was very helpful and he sent Josh out to conduct tests for moisture. Thankfully, he reported no moisture or mold!  Josh and 24-7 is reliable and efficient and need to be on your “call for help” list.”

Joe K.
Mission Viejo, CA

I Am Glad I Made The Right Decision

“Called 24/7 Restoration and Russ came out for the estimation on time and provided a very detailed and itemized report. I decided to go with them and I am glad I made the right decision. Kelly and his staff did a great job in treating the mold, cleaning and drying up the water-damaged area. They were professional, honest and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend 24/7 Restoration!”

William Z.
Irvine, CA

Quality of Service

“We are very pleased with the quality of service 24/7 provided. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conducted business. We strongly recommended 24/7, because of our total satisfaction with their service. Although we hope we don’t need 24/7 in the future (God willing), we would happily do business, again.”

J. D. S.
Mission Viejo, CA


“Awesome!  Came within an hour of my call.  Very clear and direct communication and sensible estimate.  Made it easy and quick to submit to our insurance company.  The rest of their crew was equally efficient and professional.”

Lee H.
San Clemente, CA

Helped Me

“Russ came out to give us a quote. He was very professional and thorough in his analysis of the situation. He called in related experts to help me find the best course of action.  Russ was highly knowledgeable and helped me in my decision making process. I highly recommend this company.”

Laura B.
Lake Forest, CA

You Won’t Be Disappointed

“This company was great. I usually don’t write reviews but I felt compelled to say something. As skeptical as I am about online advertisement these days, especially reviews. I feel it’s appropriate to say these guys really helped me out. Without going too much into it, if you are lost and in need of flood damage assistance just give them a call. You won’t be disappointed.”

Pete G.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

On Speed Dial

“I met with Kelly today at my property to review my mold situation between some walls. He showed up on time and was very professional and informative. I’d done my homework and he validated what I thought was causing the problem and how to rectify it, but he went further to explain a number of things I didn’t understand. I didn’t have mold, instead it is a fungus.. gets treated a little differently. He quickly identified the moisture source that no one else could find. And he told me how to clean it and fix it and what products to use.

In the end he helped me hatch a plan to get everything back to normal, and we will get started right away! I have to say this company and their knowledge and excellent service and honesty and compassion is rare. I highly recommend them, and will gladly hire them for any restoration project needed. From my meeting I learned I can trust them with any aspect of the project  – I will definitely keep them on speed dial!! Thank you Kelly and team!”

Robert U.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Great Experience

“Great experience with 24/7 restoration!  The guys were very knowledgeable, polite, prompt and did a great job guiding me through the awful experience of having mold in your kitchen. They completely cleaned out the mold and made sure all wood was dry before leaving. I would highly recommend them!”

Kristy W.
Laguna Beach, CA

Impressed With These Guys

“Wow, so impressed with these guys. I had some mold in my shower, had convinced myself it was toxic.  Spent two days reading about mold.  Imagined how I would need to demo the bathroom, etc.  The guys from 24/7 restoration came out, same day! Turns out my caulk which is 20 years old had mildew in it and just needed to be replaced. I did it myself the next day.  Would definitely recommend these guys!!!  Honest, friendly and quick to respond!”

Andrew F.
Aliso Viejo, CA

If You Need An Assessment

“We had 3 different mold remediation companies come and try to assess whether or not we had mold in our living room.  Two of the 3 said “most likely”, and wanted to charge us thousands of dollars for remediation!  But Russ from 24/7 was the ONLY guy that did a thorough moisture meter of the room (no problems), explained why most likely our carpet at the edges was dark, and even lifted up a small portion of the old carpet to make sure we didn’t have a problem!  Folks — this is the company to go with if you need an assessment!  THANK YOU RUSS & 24/7!!!”

David W.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Kitchen Pipe Leak

“We had a kitchen pipe leak that damaged the most of the kitchen cabinets, walls and all of the ground floor hardwood flooring. 24/7 was responsive, professional and flexible working around the holiday schedule. Project Manager Kelly was honest, thorough and gave us the best options on how to rebuild the ground floor within the insurance budget. The unfortunate incident turned out to be an impromptu remodeling and we are very happy with how it turned out.”

Nick N.
Coto De Caza, CA

Answered All Our Questions

“Two Thumbs Up!
Wow! Impressive! Kelly the 24/7 representative was extremely professional, courteous and his followed up was prompt.
Within minutes Kelly of inspecting the opening of our wall he was able to locate the source of our water leak.
He explained the cause of our leak in a clear and concise way, and he answered all our questions and how we could repair the leak.
I would give 24/7 Restoration a two thumbs up rating.”

Orange County, CA

No Hiding Prices At All

“Amazing company!! From the first phone call to the last day of work . They have been quick to answer and to restore the damage . They are very professional and respectful. They have protect everything from the front door to the working area . Secure and clean all working area ! But that is nothing compare to the amazing contact we had with Alec and Joshua . They were able to answer all my questions, and even help on an area that was not planned initially. They are very trustful and respectful . No hiding prices at all ..
Totally recommend this company 100% !”

Delph W.
Irvine, CA

True To Their Initial Quote

“Staff was very nice and friendly. Thy were true to their initial quote despite the project running longer than expected. The only thing was that my family noticed a few staples in the wall from the mold remediation equipment, but I was able to easily remove that with some pliers. Besides that amazing and would definitely call again (although I hope nothing happens again).

Highly recommend as honest and professional workers.”

Nicole A.
Orange County, CA

They Are Thorough

“I love that this company calls you back within a timely manner if they don’t answer.  They show up when they say.  They are thorough.  We had an odd issue with our kitchen sink fixture leaking…Alec and Josh spent so much time really checking everything out and explaining what they were doing.  Their IMMEDIATE estimate was 1/2 of competitors.  We had to have the area reinspected a couple times to make sure it was dry.  Russ came out too and he double checked everything today!  I was soooo appreciative.  Really impressed with this company.”

Tera A.
Newport Beach, CA

Was A Huge Relief

“I am very happy that I called 24/7 when I found mold in my guest room closet.  Josh came out quickly and not only gave me a fair estimate for repairs, but he was able to diagnose the source of the problem, which was a huge relief.  Every employee that I dealt with was professional, skilled and courteous.  The restoration phase also went well, and everything looks better than it did before.  I hope I don’t need to call them again, but I wouldn’t hesitate if I had any type of leak or damage.”

Dawn A.
Dana Point, CA

Glad I Reached Out To Them

“24/7 Restoration made my day, and saved me hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in unnecessary restoration expenses.  

Sounds like a TV ad, but I’m glad I reached out to them for a second opinion. I had originally contacted another company (let’s call them Company A) to assess a small water leak on my bathroom wall.  Company A eventually recommended to tear up all the lovely flooring in my bathroom and adjacent vanity area, equating to thousands of dollars in cost, for what seems like a minor issue.

I asked 24/7 Restoration to inspect.  Alec and Josh promptly came today and did their assessment. Right away, I saw that these guys are certified, licensed, very knowledgeable, well-spoken professionals who really knew their stuff, and who cheerfully answered all my questions (unlike the guys from Company A, who didn’t seem to have answers to many things, and were visibly annoyed whenever I asked questions). Alec and Josh gave me a more realistic read of the situation, which allayed my concerns. Unlike Company A, they were able to pinpoint the exact cause.  They also made honest, ethical, cost-effective recommendations, which I really appreciated.  

This is a respectable business with high integrity, I could tell.  I hope I don’t have another water leak like this but if I do, 24/7 Restoration will be the only place that I would call. I highly recommend them!”

Piah B.
Lake Forest, CA

If Needed In The Future

“24/7 Restoration provided timely, professional, and excellent service addressing an upstairs shower pan leak. A 24/7 representative was on site within hours of being contacted. They provided a competitive bid and started work the next day. The crew on site was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Hope we do not need to but would definitely hire this company to address water damage remediation work if needed in the future.”

Bill B.
Dana Point, CA

Very Happy With The Service

“Very happy with the service I received from 24/7.  Extremely professional and thorough.  Really care about doing a great honest job.”

Michelle M.
Newport Beach, CA

Friendly Clean Workers

“This is a great service company would recommend using them. Friendly clean workers.”

Orange County, CA

Know What They Are Doing

“No one wants to have water damage, but when it happens you want to deal with a company that can act quickly, are professional, courteous and know what they are doing. 24/7 are all those things, plus with great customer service (the first inquiry call through to completion) and people that you’re happy are in your home. Look no further.”

Nick L.
Irvine, CA

Water Damage or Mold Issues

“We called 24/7 Restoration to look at a couple of areas of concern for moisture and mold growth in the walls and they were able to send someone out the same day! Josh was amazing and so friendly!!! Couldn’t have been more pleased!! And we were so reassured by his knowledge and level of experience with all aspects of mold detection and restoration. He was so professional and informative, and so willing to make very helpful recommendations for preventing mold and what to look for in the future. Ends up we (thankfully) didn’t have any areas of mold growth that needed restoration at this time, and Josh’s complete honesty and work ethic to not try and sell us a restoration project that was not warranted was such a relief and yet another reason to have utmost respect and trust in him and 24/7 Restoration for any future needs or concerns. HIGHLY recommend them!! Just having their contact number – someone you know you can trust and rely on for any water damage or mold issues in the future is such a blessing and a sense of security. Thank you, 24/7!!”

Heather G.
Orange County, CA

Our Mold Abatement Job

“Our technician Alec and his partner did a great job on our mold abatement job.  They were clean thorough, had great communication and were pleasant and professional. Highly recommend!”

Diahn M.
Garden Grove, CA

We Will Definitely Call 24/7

“We recently moved to a new home and kept smelling a dank, musty odor.  We were concerned there could be a mold issue that we could not see. Kelly came to our house for a free inspection.  He checked around the problem areas, took water moisture meter tests and examined the crawl space under the house. Thankfully, we did not have an issue – more of a ventilation concern and Kelly even took the time to show us how to create more airflow in a few rooms and ways to keep the crawl space free of moisture. Hopefully, we will never have a flood or mold in the house, but we will definitely call 24/7 if there is a problem.  Their promptness, professionalism and knowledge sharing was greatly appreciated!”

Marc O.
Orange County, CA

Helpful and Professional

“We had Josh come out and he was nothing but helpful and professional! Great experience!”

Wes F.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Can’t Thank Them Enough

“These guys are top notch, so precise, so clean, so punctual, so knowledgeable, and understand urgency! They helped us in the most stressful time remediating the mold issue in our kitchen while we were in escrow and trying to close the sale. I can’t thank them enough and can’t recommend them enough! Our 3rd party mold tester that came out to test after the remediation was very very impressed with their work, unlike some of the bigger company chains that get messy.”

Elly D.
Ladera Ranch, CA

Would Recommend

“Had a small flood in our downstairs with water sitting for about 20 minutes before it was discovered. Was able to towel up all the water using every towel and blanket in the house. No visible damage but was nervous about interior wall moisture. Better to be safe than sorry and find out if we needed dryers or more.

Called the top listing on Yelp and they said the earliest they could come was 5 days later! Then called 24/7 (next on the list)…they were very busy today too but made it a priority to get me on the schedule today. Kelly showed up on time, was very friendly and knowledgeable, and tested everywhere for moisture. Even though he is in the business of drying stuff…he was happy to report no damage and no need for mitigation. That was great news.

I told Kelly I hope we never have to see him again but that we would recommend 24/7 Restoration to anyone looking for water damage services. 5 stars.”

Paul M.
Ladera Ranch, CA

I Am Very Very Relieved

“What a true blessing this company was for me today!  I wish I had contacted them 1st instead of 4th!  (I was just going by the list my mold inspector had…24/7 Restoration should have been on that list!)  My call was answered yesterday and a time promised today and Josh showed up.  He was very comfortable to be around and had a calming affect because I’ve been very nervous about the mold found on my son’s bedroom wall and bed.  He was calm when explaining things and very reassuring about the mold being surface mold.  He also listened.  I am very very relieved and will definitely use this company should I ever need future help.  If you are getting the run around from other mold companies, please do yourself a favor and give this company your business.  I never write reviews but sincerely wanted to for this company out of gratitude for their help!”

Mich M.
Huntington Beach, CA

What A True Blessing

“What a true blessing this company was for me today! I wish I had contacted them 1st instead of 4th! (I was just going by the list my mold inspector had…24/7 Restoration should have been on that list!) My call was answered yesterday and a time promised today and Josh showed up. He was very comfortable to be around and had a calming affect because I’ve been very nervous about the mold found on my son’s bedroom wall and bed. He was calm when explaining things and very reassuring about the mold being surface mold. He also listened. I am very very relieved and will definitely use this company should I ever need future help. If you are getting the run around from other mold companies, please do yourself a favor and give this company your business. I never write reviews but sincerely wanted to for this company out of gratitude for their help!”

Michelle M.
Huntington Beach, CA

Kept The House Very Clean

“A technician set off our sprinklers flooding our home. 24/7 did an amazing job repairing all the water damage, so much so that our 3rd party inspection agency said it was the best remediation job they had ever seen. They also kept the house very clean and worked really fast!”

Alice L.
Irvine, CA

Great To Work With

“A water pipe broke inside a wall and flooded the entire down stairs. The team from 24/7 arrived within an hour of our call and immediately started the dry out process. Josh, Alec and Kelly were all great to work with. They were very professional, clean, and informative. Based on our experience I would recommend this company.”

Robert G.
Lake Forest, CA

Fixing the Problem

“Had a pin hole leak in a water pipe above our family room. This was discovered on a Saturday morning when we noticed water dripping from the ceiling. We looked on Yelp and called 24/7, in less than 2 hours Russ was at our home fixing the problem. With the corona virus situation going on we weren’t sure we would be able to find some one to help us. Luckily we found Russ, he was professional, thorough, tidy, and not to mention a really nice guy. Hope the situation never repeats it’s self, but would definitely call 24/7 if it does.”

Pam N.
Laguna Hills, CA

Great Customer Service

“We had some exterior mold issues around our windows. I called 24/7 Restoration and Josh came out for the free inspection. He was very up front and honest with me and told me that this type of mold remediation was not their specialty. However, Josh treated the mold with some of his kid/pet friendly solutions, and recommended that we just continue on with our ultimate plan of replacing the windows completely. When I asked how much I owed him, Josh responded with “nothing, we provide free inspections.” Very cool! Thank you Josh. Great customer service!!!”

Heppa T.
Laguna Beach, CA

Keep Us Living In Our House

“Epic Interiors and 24/7 Restoration are 2 parts of the same company. 6 years ago, we had Epic Interiors gut and re-design our 1200 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, including adding 220 square feet. This project came in on time and on budget. We were totally satisfied with the project. Nothing much we would have changed in the design. Now, 6 years later we had a slab leak (no fault of Epic, we did not re-plumb the house, our mistake). Based on past experience, we again called Epic Interiors this time the 24/7 Restoration side of the business. Prompt response and action. This slab leak was on the island, so it was rather complex. We decided to re-pipe the entire house as well as repair the slab leak damage. Again, this project was on time and on budget. In addition, they did everything possible to allow us to keep living in our house during this time.

There are not many contractors out there that deliver quality products on time and on budget. These people do. Highly recommended.”

Andrew H.
San Clemente, CA

Allow Us To Keep Living In Our House

“Epic Interiors and 24/7 Restoration are 2 parts of the same company. 6 years ago, we had Epic Interiors gut and re-design our 1200 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, including adding 220 square feet. This project came in on time and on budget. We were totally satisfied with the project. Nothing much we would have changed in the design.
Now, 6 years later we had a slab leak (no fault of Epic, we did not re-plumb the house, our mistake). Based on past experience, we again called Epic Interiors this time the 24/7 Restoration side of the business. Prompt response and action. This slab leak was on the island, so it was rather complex. We decided to re-pipe the entire house as well as repair the slab leak damage. Again, this project was on time and on budget. In addition, they did everything possible to allow us to keep living in our house during this time.
There are not many contractors out there that deliver quality products on time and on budget. These people do. Highly recommended.”

Andy H.
San Clemente, CA

Appreciated the Transparency

“I called 24/7 and spoke with Kelly describing how I had found black mould growing on the inside of our windows. For more information, I texted photos and he responded right away. He offered an explanation for what I was experiencing and let me know I could most likely clean myself. I greatly appreciated the transparency and the fact that he didn’t try to up sell or take advantage of me not knowing how to handle the mould.

Unfortunately, I also found a water leak causing damage in my son’s nursery and I will be contacting 24/7 because of how responsive and trust worthy they are.”

E N.
Costa Mesa, CA

We Chose Wisely

“They were not the cheapest, but we felt comfortable dealing with them because of their thoroughness and professionalism. We had a serious issue and needed serious professionals to deal with it to make us feel comfortable. We chose wisely.”

Jack B.
Huntington Beach, CA

To the Rescue

“We had a slab leak with major damage to our flooring and drywall at the end of last year. We filed a claim with our insurance company and the battle for money to cover our rebuild was on. 24/7 Restoration to the rescue!!! They not only handled the rebuild but also fought for us with the insurance company. 24/7 Restoration aka Epic Interiors is professional, prompt, and honest. I can highly recommend them to anyone doing any type of home renovation. We are using them for more projects soon.”

Richard C.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

We Are Very Happy

“Our master bathroom drain cracked and it leaked to the kitchen ceiling. I called 24/7 Restoration to do restoration to our property. We are very happy with their results. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of restoration service.”

Olga K.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Honest and Helpful

“Very impressed!  Alec and Josh drove 45 minutes to my house.  They were wearing masks and gloves and maintained social distancing while we talked at all times.  These guys were honest and helpful when assessing the mold problem in my bathroom.  They are top- notch and I wouldn’t hesitate for moment if I needed to call them again. Highly recommend!!!”

Nina D.
Huntington Beach, CA

Second Time Was Great Work As Well

“Over the past 12 months, we had the unfortunate situation of having 2 pipe burst in our home, once in Sept 2019 and the second time in April 2020.  During the first incident, I scrambled to call a few highly rated water damage restoration companies locally.  From the first conversation with Russ at 24/7 Restoration, the communication was great and he took great care in walking me through all the steps and options.  The Sept 2019 leak, dry out and clean up was a super great job.  When the second one happened right after WFH and Covid was in full force, I knew that the right call would be to Russ and 24/7. Second time was great work as well.  Russ as always was quick to respond and the entire project was as smooth as can be.   In both instances, the team made a bad situation as good as it could have been.  Thanks to Russ and the team that worked on the dry out process.   Hopefully we don’t have another incident but if it does happen, I know who I am contacting.”

Daniel K.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Solve The Issue In Less Than A Week

“Alec was on-top of our mold issue and put us at ease as we were doing work on our new home.  He took an unknown for us and was able to solve the issue in less than a week. He was very professional and was helping us in anyway he could.  Thank you”

Andrew F.
Dana Point, CA


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