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March 30, 2020
30 Mar 2020

Water Damage | Mold Contamination Increases

With the regulatory compliance and distancing orders in place we’ve seen an increase in the number home water damage and mold contamination cases in Orange County. More people at home is resulting in more loss events. It is important take still take a pro-active approach to addressing any damage you notice and have a professional company assess. Neglect for any water damage is only going to add further problems and emotional stress to the already inconvenient situation. Neglectful scenarios can lead to extended damages, microbial growth and denied insurance claims. This results in more expenditures and more importantly potential sanitation and health issues while you are quarantined at home.

What regulatory compliance and precautionary measures are 24/7 Restoration taking during essential operations to remain servicing those in need at home?

While we recognize that all businesses are “essential” to our society, we have been listed as one of the few public works able to remain in operation to provide sanitation and prevention of secondary damages. Thus we are taking the proper measures to ensure both you; your family and our employees are safe.

During inspections we will be distancing, utilizing sanitizers, nitrile gloves, and wearing proper gel sealed N95 filtered partial face masks thus allowing us to converse and answer your questions. The same for water damage mitigation and even more extensive measures per normal protocol for mold remediation.

These are precautionary measures not to cause for alarm. We are there to make you as comfortable as possible when in need.


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